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Basic HTV - Solid & Matte Colors

About our HTV

Simple Cut - easy to cut, weeds like butter and has some stretch, for cotton and polyester

Hotmark  - Thinnest HTV on the market and super stretchy, for cotton and polyester, perfect for fine details

Hotmark Revolution - just like Hotmark but better - can be applied to nylon, cotton and polysester, can also be applied at lower temperatures

Quickflex -  thin and stretchy and a 5 second press, for cotton and polyester

Firstmark - Economy HTV sized at 12" for craft cutters  vinyl and easy to cut and weed, for cotton and polyester

Fashion FilmIdeal for personalizing fashion apparel. Thin with a very soft hand.  For cotton and polyester

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 *Please note: any sheet may be off in size +/- .5 inch.
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